Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Cartoonist Rob Rogers is wrong about GOP partisanship

Regarding the Aug. 23 cartoon “No Plan” on the editorial page: Once again Rob Rogers’ partisanship offers more distortions than facts. The rest of us remember.
With majorities in both congressional houses, Democrats allowed no Republican input on Obamacare. Remember the locked committee room with no Republicans permitted — and no Republican votes? Or President Barack Obama’s comment “We won the election”? Dealing with one-sixth of the economy, many Americans were shut out of the democratic procedure.
With majorities in both congressional houses, Democrats did nothing to improve America’s faulty immigration laws and still have not, resulting in an imperialistic presidential executive action — this time not even allowing fellow Democrats a voice. Perhaps now is a good time for me to remind Mr. Rogers of more than 200 Republican bills that Harry Reid never allowed to come to the Senate floor but which offered many suggestions, recommendations and ideas on this and other important issues with which the Democrats ran solo.

And with one of the most important issues of our time, our Democratic president allowed negotiations on Iran’s nuclear program with only “war hero” John Kerry to negotiate and a presidential announcement that he would veto any negative input due to his own desire for a treaty.
Hey, Rob, we know the cause of an ineffective two-party system and it is partisanship, particularly on the part of a narcissistic president.
Upper St. Clair

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