Friday, May 22, 2015

Arina Tanemura: Manga Artist

Arina Tanemura-sensei likes Japanese pop music very much (especially Maaya Sakamoto, Aya Matsuura and the all-girl, Morning Musume) and she loves the game series Final Fantasy. She has one elder and one younger sister and one brother. She hates to lose (in every point of view) and she loves the Margaret Magazine of Shueisha. She says that she is too fat and that she dislikes her face. She has two cats named Riku and Kai, and at Tanemura's homepage you can find many photos of them. She wants to draw like no-one else (she can't lose...) and she loves to go to karaoke with her assistants (friends). She is good friends with the manga-ka MAEKAWA Ryo andKATSUKI Ruka.

She's not really a fan of yaoi (boys' love) manga, but she has made a yaoi doujinshi (no specified title) for one of her friends.

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