Tuesday, April 21, 2015

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Hi folks! My name is Todd McFarlane and I am an artist, writer, toy designer, director, producer and entrepreneur best known for my work in comic books, toys and entertainment (film, animation and music videos). I am the creator of Spawn, President of Image Comics, founder of McFarlane Toysand a former Marvel (The Amazing Spider-Man, Spider-Man) and DC Comics artist.
I just launched the BIGGEST anniversary issue of my comic book, Spawn, issue #250 as well as finally released the entire Spawn collection (250 issues) in digital format! Also, I recently pushed my way into a new toy isle by creating building (construction) sets with an artistic layer. Many fans will love to hear that I am also back at work on the next Spawn movie! Yes, it’s for real.

In attendance: Todd McFarlane and Victoria (from reddit).

Update So here's what I would like to leave you with:
I'd like to thank everybody for joining in today.
And obviously without you great fans, I'm nobody.
And I understand that every single day of my life.
But here's what I'd like to leave you with: right now, Marvel comics is owned by Disney. And DC Comic Books is owned by Warner Brothers.

What that means is neither one of those companies is going to let any of their characters outside of their company. So here's what's happening: Universal, Paramount, Sony, and FOX and a lot of other smaller studios are looking for content.
And they can't have a Marvel or DC character - which means they are now knocking on our door.
So if any of you have ever thought about putting an idea down on paper -today is the perfect day. Because there is a great hunger for stuff that isn't Marvel and DC right now.
We have 17 books that are currently optioned in Hollywood. It can be done.

What I tell people is: If you do a book, and if it's the 150th best-selling book - BUT the 149 books ahead of you are Marvel & DC - You have the number one book for all the other studios. So you don't have to be a big-selling book to have people interested in you right now. The studios have to scratch out Marvel & DC and then go "What's left?" and in the top 100 books - that might be #1 to the people at the studios. So I'm telling ya - it is a GOOD time to be an independent creator right now.
Thank you guys for taking the time to check out Spawn, our 250 issue digital re-release, and for your ongoing support.
We'll be back when I have some specific details about the movie, and we can talk about the movie when we go into production!

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