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Denny" O'Neil is a comic book writer and editor, principally for Marvel and DC Comics

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Also Credited As:
O'Shaughnessy, Sergius

Dennis "Denny" O'Neil is a comic book writer and editor, principally for Marvel Comics and
 DC Comics in the 1970s. 

His best-known works include Green Lantern/Green Arrow and Batman with Neal Adams,
 The Shadow with Mike Kaluta and The Question with Denys Cowan, all of which were hailed
 for sophisticated (for the period, in the case of his 1970s work) stories that expanded the 
artistic potential of the mainstream portion of the medium. As an editor, he is principally 
known for editing the various Batman titles. Today, he sits on the board of directors of the
 charity A Commitment To Our Roots.

His 1970s run on Batman is perhaps his most well known endeavour, getting back to the 
character's darker roots after a period dominated by the campiness of the late Golden-early
 Bronze Age. He particularly sought to emphasize Batman's detective skills. This grimier and
 more sophisticated Dark Knight, as well as new villains such as Ra's Al Ghul, brought Batman
 back from the verge of pop culture oblivion. His work would influence later incarnations of
 Batman, from the seminal comic "Batman: The Dark Knight Returns" by Frank Miller, to
 the movieBatman Begins in 2005.

During the seventies he was apparently committed enough to the resurrection of the darker 
Batman, that when forced to write in a Silver Age style, such as on The Super Friends, he
 generally used an alias.

Date of Birth: 05/03/1939
Birthplace: St. Louis, MO


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