Sunday, April 5, 2015

Comic Artists Band Together To Help Wilfredo Torres After His Wife Passes


Artists, assemble!

Sometimes, the comics community comes together to do something incredibly special for one of its own. Artist Wilfredo Torres, whose work is featured in titles like Jupiter’s CircleBatman ’66, and The Shadow, recently lost his wife to cancer. In response, comic artists mobilized to set up an art auction, selling some of their own original work to help support Torres and his family.
Brent Schoonover, artist and good friend of Torres, shared the story of how it all came together on his blog. He writes:
Recently fellow comic artist, and a good friend of mine, Wilfredo Torres lost his lovely wife Monica after a long battle with cancer. A group of us got together in Emerald City this past weekend and decided we wanted to do something to help a great guy and his family during a difficult time. We invite anyone who is willing to post artwork onto EBAY for a seven day art auction and give all proceeds to the Torres family. Use the hashtag #TorresBenefit on social media when posting your work.
The other artists involved with the auction include Peter Krause, Declan Shalvey, Doc Shaner, and Mitch Gerads, with plenty more artists joining to contribute what they can. Many of the auctions close within a couple of days, so get a move on if you’ve got your heart set on a piece. Other artists are also doing auctions over Twitter, so check out the hashtag for new updates.
Schoonover also mentioned that if you wish to donate directly, you can do so by sending contributions to Torres’ e-mail: wtorres1972(at)yahoo(dot)com.
When someone faces such a tragic loss, it really tugs at the heartstrings to see a community band together to take care of someone they so obviously care deeply about. Maybe all that time spent drawing heroes has, in turn, inspired these artists to be heroes all on their own.

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