Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Amit Offir ✍ Best Seller Author ✍

Amit Offir is a lecturer, a business consultant, an international expert in creating communication
 with drawing.

 In addition he wrote and created hundreds of books and products for empowerment, international
in different areas and categories. Among his books are “The Beetle that wants to Be”, “Even Dragons 
get Scared”,

 "24/8" and many drawing books. His books and products sold millions of copies and were translated into dozens 
of languages around the world.
Amit is involved in developing and creating information products that help millions of people to live a better life and 
enjoy their unique knowledge. He began his career in teaching drawing and developed a unique method called
 “drawing easily” which helps kids and adults of all ages enjoy drawing. Over the years he established himself as
 an international expert in the field of drawing. His books conquered the first places in many categories in the 

prestigious bestsellers list of Amazon in three different countries. 

The unique working methods of Amit are highly effective and help many of his clients to achieve records in different 
professional fields by implementing the methods accurately, precisely and the desire to succeed. 
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Amit’s love to travel around the world pushed him to create a physical business that runs digitally and allows him 
to travel around the world freely without affecting his income. Amit has many franchises in Israel and the world that
 use his contents and help him spread his news around the world. 

Over the years he accompanied people, business and companies in the field of business and taught them his theory
 on the subject of effective conduct, building authority and differentiation from competitors by creating achievements 
and leverage. Amit is considered by many as a mentor for effectiveness, for writing bestsellers and for distributing
You can contact Amit regarding personal counseling, courses, workshops and lectures on various subjects unique to him.



Best Selling Author and Lecturer

Troubadour Publishing House

 – até o momento (15 anos)Israel
I give lectures about how to write best selling books, consulte businesses and provide my international expertise in creating 
communication through drawing and comics.


24/8 - The Secret for being Mega-Effective by Achieving More in Less Time(link)

A must book for anyone who wants to conduct themselves
in a Mega-effective way
position themselves in first place in every competition
and build an authority in their field!

Do you feel that you’re progressing too slowly or
stuck in the same place and want to shoot ahead?

After he published over 500 bestselling books worldwide
in one year and sold over a million books around the world,
Amit Offir reveals for the first time more than 60 unique methods and techniques which you can use to conduct yourself in a 
mega-effective way 

in order to create productive assets and conduct yourself freely
anywhere in the world.

If you don’t have enough time in your life come to learn how to create
an additional effective working day per week!

This book will help you create an additional effective
working day per week. Using the unique thinking method
of the author you’d learn how to think outside of the box
and conduct yourself differently than most people. If you
implement the working methods detailed in this book you
can create at least one additional effective working day per week!

Do you want to conquer the first place in every competition
and be conducted mega-effectively? 

This book was written to help you become a more effective,
accurate, efficient and professional. It’s meant to assist you
in making records and breaking them time after time to position yourself in first place in every competition.

Do you finish a working day with the feeling that
“you didn’t get anything done”? 

If you’re confused and exhausted from the load of work needed
to be done in the company, at work and in your personal life, in this book
you'll learn about the toolbox required for your business
so you can conduct yourself in the most effective way and achieve
the goals you desire. 

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