Friday, March 27, 2015

 Sin City creator Frank Miller 

Eye spy: His face was uninjured when he posed up with saucy starlet Jessica Alba at the film's premiere on Tuesday

It was an event full of mirth.
But it was no laughing matter for Sin City creator Frank Miller as he showed off a painful black eye at a photocall promoting the latest film in the franchise in New York on Thursday.
The 57-year-old, who also co-directs the forthcoming A Dame To Kill For, showed off his massive shiner while he posed up for the cameras.with one of the film's stars Josh Brolin.
A sore subject: Josh Brolin chuckled while Frank Miller showed off his shiner at a photocall for Sin City: A Dame To Kill For in New York on Thursday
The iconic comic book writer looked smart but casual in a black fedora, blazer, yellow T-shirt, jeans and leather shoes at the event.

However it was his massive shiner that, for want of a better word, really caught the eye.
His injury was surely the result of a recent accident, as his face was completely unmarked as he posed with saucy starlet Jessica Alba at the film's premiere on Tuesday.
Meanwhile, Frank has revealed the actress, who plays stripper Nancy Callahan in the gritty film, referenced his art to pull of a sexy pose while on set.
Too much of a Daredevil? Frank only suffered his painful looking injury in the last couple of days
Cuddle buddies: Frank was keen to put his arm around the film's star Josh Brolin at the event
Holy shiner: But the Dark Knight Returns favourite did not let a mere black eye get in the way of promoting his new film, which he directed along with Robert Rodriguez
He explained to the Washington Post: 'I find that, if I may say so, a screenplay is a gawdawful form. It’s just a dreadful way to translate an idea for a movie into a movie.
'For me, the key is to draw constantly [on set]. When I was drawing, to an actor, he or she would immediately understand what I meant.
'Here’s one anecdote, I had come up with a shot of Jessica Alba with her crossbow, and I drew it in my style.
I tend to draw very extreme figures and impossible poses. I looked at the set, and [suddenly] there she was, in exactly the pose I drew. 
'I said, "Jessica, how did you do that?" "That’s what you drew," she said.'

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