Saturday, March 21, 2015

Geof Isherwood born December 4, 1960 i
painter, sculptor and comic book illustrator

Much of Isherwood's early work was done for Marvel Comics, including such titles as Silver SurferConan the BarbarianDaredevilDoctor Strange, and others. Since then, he has been involved in movies as a storyboard artist and a concepts/production illustrator, working with the likes of Bryan Singer,Richard Donner and Darren Aronofsky.

 He has also painted and designed covers for Canadian publishers, including Ann Diamond's Dead White Males(2000) and Sand for Snow (2003) by Robert Edison Sandiford. In 2011, Isherwood illustrated and prepared the cover for the American novel Antiquitas Lost, by author Robert Louis Smith. A selection of his paintings based on the Greek gods were featured in Issue 59 of the publication Matrix. In 1997, he created LINCOLN-16 (Skarwood Productions), a science fiction saga whose first two issues he wrote, drew, painted, and produced. Graphic novel projects underway includeLani the Leopard Queen (a fantasy adventure for children), Erox (an adult fantasy adventure), Krugall, and Glydia (a "faery tale"), and Krudge (a kitchen sink drama).

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