Thursday, February 26, 2015

Joe Staton was born in North Carolina on January 19,1948

He grew up in Tennessee and graduated from Murray State University in 1970.  He began his career as an illustrator for Charlton Comics in 1971. There he was most known for the comic titled E-Man During the 70's he also worked for DC and MARVEL. 

He pencilled and inked on titles such as the incredible Hulk , the Legion of Superheroes, Showcase , Metal Men. Besides his work on E-Man with Charlton Joe Staton maybe most noted for his work his on Green Lantern. He also pencilled for Green Lantern Corps., and Guy Gardner series in the 1980's.   In the 80's he did work for First comics as an art director for 3 years. He also created along with Marv Wolfman THE OMEGA MEN.

They  first appeared in the pages of Green Lantern #141 and then were given a book of their own. Joe Staton was awarded the Eisner Award in 1998 for his adaption of Worlds Finest: The Superman - Batman Adventure that was based on several episodes of the popular animated show. He is currently living in New York and is the current regular artist on DC's Scooby Doo.            

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