Monday, December 1, 2014

Marc Silvestri To Draw Batman Monthly For DC Comics After Convergence

We hear on the grapevine that Image Comics founder and owner of Top Cow,
 Marc Silvestri, will be drawing an ongoing Batman comicbook for DC Comics in 2015.
Silvestri, who has created and co-created such comics characters asWitchblade, The Darkness and the recent Rise Of The Magi, drew The Incredible Hulk for Marvel back in 2011 to relaunch the comic.

And it looks like he might be about to do similar for Batman. Which title? Presumable not the main Batman title, as Greg Capulloseems ensconced on that book (for at least a year) but could it beDetective Comics? Or a third title, reviving Dark Knight perhaps?
We don’t know. Maybe we will soon… but only after Convergence

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