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Learning How to Draw Cars

BMW designer sketching a car

A reference page for anyone interested in learning to draw cars. The best books, DVDs and free online resources for developing good foundation skills and learning professional car drawing techniques.
As with every skill, the essential factor for learning how to draw cars is practice, but it is also very important to have reliable reference materials that can help to develop solid foundations.
In this page we report the most important, high quality resources, both free and not, that focus specifically on teaching how to draw cars using traditional media.
We are not reporting links to car design schools – that you can find in our directory – nor resources on digitaltechniques, that will be covered separately very soon.

Free Car Drawing Tutorials

  • Car drawing tutorials on Car Body Design – our database of tutorials is the best place to find free guides, videos and articles on how to draw cars. Since 2004 we collect every online resource that is worth mentioning.
    Admittedly, quality may vary, and the information can be sometimes not so easy to find, but if you take some time to go through the lists you’ll find some amazing knowledge without having to pay.
    Interesting related categories are Hand Drawing TutorialsIndustrial Design Sketching Tutorials and Car Digital Painting Tutorials.
  • Driven Mavens – a blog by our friend Arvind Ramkrishna, which includes many free car drawing tutorials, written by Arvind himself and by Jason White, both specialized in traditional, analogue media and vintage/classic cars.
  • DesignerTechniques – Even if all the tutorials hosted at DesignerTechniques are also listed on Car Body Design, we ‘d like to mention Allan MacDonald’s website as an excellent place to find car drawing tutorials written by professional designers. There haven’t been many updates recently, but it’s certainly worth a look if you haven’t visited it before.
  • Scott Robertson’s YouTube channel – in his YouTube channel concept designer and design educator Scott Robertson publishes a series of free tutorials focused on several design-related topics, including perspecitve, styling, and sketching. It’s definitely worth checking out.
  • Sangwon Seok’s YouTube channel – Another interesting channel run by Sangwon Seok, design sketching instructor at the Korean SKEREN school. He regularly publishes stunning sketching demos – usually automotive-related. There is no commentary but they are absolutely worth watching.

Car Drawing DVDs

How to Draw Cars Now DVD set content Car Drawing DVDs by The Gnomon Workshop

Car Drawing Books

Car Design Books
  • How to Draw Cars the Hot Wheels Way – another title by concept designer Scott Robertson, who goes through his perspective/draw-through drawing method, in this case applied to fun concepts for toy cars. A very nice and affordable title, ideal for getting started.
  • H-Point: The Fundamentals of Car Design & Packaging – When drawing a car, you can’t ignore the engineering behind it. This book – developed as a supporting material for ACCD’s Transportation Design Course – is quite unique in that it presents information on the layout, ergonomics and packaging of vehicles, not easily findable elsewhere.
  • How to Draw Cars like a Pro – written by Hot Rod designer Thom Taylor, focuses on muscle and vintage cars and several different drawing/rendering styles. The second edition of the book features all-new illustrations and includes chapters on digital drawing.
  • How to Design Cars like a Pro – a very well-known title among car designers and design students, the book by Tony Lewin is not purely about drawing cars: in addition to a number of drawing tutorials, it provides an in-depth look at modern automotive design, and features interviews with reknown designers, analyses of design trends and studies of individual models.

Car Drawing Workshops and Courses

  • CGMA/CGMW Vehicle & Mechs Master Classes (online) – As with the other classes offered by CGMA (Computer Graphics Master Academy), this class focuses on design for the entertainment industry. The Master Class edition costs $599, and it is also possible to purchase a past edition as a set of video lectures taught by concept designer John Park in the CGMW website for $30.
  • Car Design Academy (online) – A school that offer an online course focused on automotive design sketching and styling. The program is supervised by automotive designer Nori Kurihara.
  • FADU rendering workshops (Buenos Aires, Argentina) – organized by FADU (Facultad de Arquitectura, Diseño y Urbanismo) and taught by designer Christian Palladino, these annual workshops have a cost in the $230-$260 range and offer beginner, intermediate and advanced levels. For more information you can also check our previous posts.

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