Ghibli Totoro
We previously shared with you the video of a Ghibli fan’s remarkable piano performance, created as a tribute to the famous animation studio’s numerous works shortly after the studio’s co-founder, Hayao Miyazaki, announced his retirement. Now, another Ghibli fan has wowed us once again with a tribute video involving impressive skills, this time expressed on paper. Japanese Internet users have been raving about this video, and once you see it, we think you’ll understand why!
Ghibli Kiki
The video, just one minute and 20 seconds long, is  presented in the form of a skillfully executed flip book animation, created by YouTube user mana kikuti.
Ghibli Nausicaa
As expected, many of your favorite Ghibli characters appear in the flip book animation; what you’ll find amazing, we’re sure, is how vividly the characters come to life and how the images really seem to flow from one into another. But don’t take our word for it — see for your self in the video below.
Now, wasn’t that some masterful artistry? It’s no wonder Japan’s online community has been so hugely impressed with the video, responding with comments such as “Genius!”, “Amazing… the pictures really are moving!” and “This person should absolutely become a professional animator.” And we certainly agree that the quality of the illustrations is top-notch.
What’s even more amazing is that mana is also responsible for the piano music playing in the background of the video! Yes, some people are just seriously multi-talented, aren’t they? Oh, and did we mention that mana is still only in high school? That perhaps explains why the drawings are done on pages of school text books.
Well, we think beautiful illustrations coming to life accompanied by nice piano music is pretty awesome as far as entertainment goes, and we definitely enjoyed it. Thanks, mana, for sharing your lovely work with all of us!