Friday, November 14, 2014

Manga Artist Lalako Kojima's Autograph Session Cancelled due to a Threat

The artist can't think of any reason or person

The official website of Kodansha's monthly shoujo manga magazine ARIA announced today on October 29 that an autograph session by its manga artist Lalako Kojima, which was originally scheduled for November 9 in the Animate Girls Festival 2014 event, will be cancelled due to a malicious threat.

It was planned to commemorate the release of the first volume of her ongoing manga series on the magazine, Hoshikuzu Drop/Stardust Drop, to be released in Japan two days before the event. Kojima has been famous as a BL manga artist, and it is the first time for her to serialize her work on a shoujo manga magazine.

After receiving the threat to disturb her autograph session, the editorial department of the magazine has consulted the police to hold it safely somehow. Kojima herself can't think of any reason or person to do
such a thing. In the circumstance that they can't guarantee the safety of Kojima and the attendees, they
have unfortunately reached the decision to call off the session. The details of the threat are not disclosed.

The cover of the "Hoshikuzu Drop" 1st tankobon via Kojima's official Twitter
 (so far she has no comments on the case)

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