Saturday, November 15, 2014

How to Get a Comic Artist Scholarship

If you are an comic artist and want yourself to be enrolled in an art school, you should know that the tuition costs for such schools is really high, even if you choose to enrol yourself in low rated school.
On the high end, the tuition for the Rhode Island School of Design is more than US$ 30,000 annually, and if you choose to take admission in the New York City’s School of Visual Arts that charges relatively low tuition fee from the students, then you will have to pay at least US$ 15,000 per year.
However, you should not be disappointed, as you can avail comic art scholarship at different institutes, especially if you are talented comic artists.


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    First of all, you need to build your portfolio as a comic artist, as all the applications for comic art scholarship will require you to submit your sample work. You will find some scholarship programs really specific and will require you to submit a particular type of work. Therefore, you should try to show variance in your portfolio.

    For instance, if you draw one-panel comics, then you may be required to submit your application for under “Drawing” program. On the other hand, if you also add multi-panel comics to your profile, then you may get eligible to get a scholarship specifically in comics’ field.
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    Visit National Association of Comics Art Educators’ official website and look for the schools that provide admissions in comic arts. Visit each of such schools’ website and check for different scholarships available. You can narrow down your research by knowing your strengths and applying for scholarships that you think you can easily qualify for.
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    You can also look for independent merit-based scholarships, as there are many non-profit organisations that offer scholarships for talented comic artists. One such example is "Diamond in the Rough" scholarship, offered by Diamond, the largest comic book distributor. The "Diamond in the Rough" scholarship is available for admissions in Centre for Cartoon Studies only.
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    If you are an editorial cartoonist, then you can look for scholarships related specifically for this particular field. You can avail the John Locher Memorial Award offered by The Association of American Editorial Cartoonists, as a student editorial cartoonist.

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