Monday, November 17, 2014

Final graduate work planned for 

publication in Germany and Japan.

Christina Plaka

Christina Plaka

Master’s Program 2nd Year Student
From a young age I liked Japanese manga and anime, and at university in Germany I majored in Japanese Studies. I made my manga debut in Germany’s first shojo manga magazine during my university days. Although I had become the first German female manga artist, my desire to study manga in Japan did not disappear, and I chose Kyoto Seika University’s Graduate School where you can specialize in research into manga.

Currently I am working on a personal diary-style manga and have started to draw the memories I want to keep of the most important experiences I have had in Kyoto. I have come up with the storyboards for it but have heard different opinions from teachers and friends about the drawing style, so it is now a case of trial and error. I hope to publish this work in both Japan and Germany.

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