Friday, August 1, 2014

Disabled Artist Inspires At Comic Con With Oral Comic Illustration

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SAN DIEGO ( — A talented, disabled artist provided inspiration for fans at the 2014 Comic-Con convention in San Diego over the weekend, by illustrating comics with a pen, using only his mouth.
Larime Taylor, who was born with a disability, has been drawing using only his mouth since he was a child.
Taylor is the creator of a dramatic and suspensful comic book series, entitled A Voice in the Dark, which follos the life of a college girl who was born with an urge to kill.
Taylor’s series debuted in November, and he has continued work on it ever since.
“Being a little kid that gets attention because you’re drawing with your mouth, it made you want to do it more,” Taylor said. “So I just kept on doing it, and doing it, and got better at it. And my mom is artistically inclined, so she taught me some things.”
Taylor is set to release another five issues of his series in September, 2014.
You can visit his website here.

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