Tuesday, July 1, 2014


Ray Nadine is a St. Louis local comic artist who writes and illustrates the online comicDollhouse. In less than two years, she’s produced over 150 pages and, using Kickstarter, is seeking funding to create a print trade paperback, titled Dollhouse: Gateway Songs. If you’re unfamiliar with the comic, read it online for free here!

Dollhouse: Gateway Songs Vol. 1 encompasses the first four chapters which debuted last year. Beginning in May 2013, Ray started printing the first few chapters as individual issues in really small print runs of about 50 for sale at conventions. It worked okay for smaller books, but it’s not cost effective at all for the larger, high quality trade paperbacks. A significantly larger run is needed, but that drives the prices way up.
Dollhouse is a long-form comic updating bi-weekly and revolving around a diverse bunch of St. Louisans, their terrible life choices, and the consequences. Dollhouse is a story suffused with drama and permeated with sex, drugs, and rock n’ roll, but as a larger narrative focuses on the hopes and aspirations of the cast. Set in St. Louis, the story aims at the hearts of the characters, how they fight to identify and achieve their goals, and how they struggle with the evolution, destruction, or achievement of their dreams. Locations both familiar and obscure are present and recognizable, including Washington University, the Thaxton Speakeasy, and the Arch.

Dollhouse absolutely contains adult content, and is intended for mature readers.
If you’re not familiar with Kickstarter, it’s a way to raise funds for creative projects while giving back to supporters and keeping them informed of progress in the project. By pledging an amount, you can get some sweet rewards associated with the project, or just chip in and get the satisfaction of knowing you helped.

If the pledges meet the goal in the allotted time, then the project is funded and the money is collected from everyone who backed the project. If the goal isn’t met, then nobody is charged and the project gets canned. It’s all or nothing funding, so you’re never dumping money into an un-funded project.

The campaign runs from July 1st through July 30th, and can be found here.

For more updates on the Kickstarter and the comic itself, follow Ray on Twitter @rayrayinspace


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