Tuesday, June 10, 2014

John Byrne, Comic Artist


John Byrne has been a penciller, inker and writer for almost every major U.S. superhero title during his career in comics. For most fans, his most notable works include his run on the Uncanny X-Men with Chris Claremont and Terry Austin, his amazing run on the Fantastic Fourand his relaunch of Superman in 1986. John Byrne began his career at Charlton Comics with Rog-2000 backup stories and also on titles like Space 1999.

 He quickly caught the eye of editors at Marvel Comics and began doing work on lesser titles like Iron ManMarvel Team-Up andThe Champions. Next came stints on the Uncanny X-Men, the AvengersCaptain America, the Fantastic Four, Alpha Flight and the HULK. In 1986 he relaunched Superman for DC Comics, 

while back at Marvel in the late '80s he also worked on West Coast Avengers, the She HULK, andNamor the Sub-Mariner among other titles, including Action Comics and Wonder Woman back at DC. His creator owned titles include Next Men, and Danger Unlimited. Later work of note by John Byrne include Spider-Man Chapter One and X-Men: Hidden Years. His most recent work has been at DC Comics along with IDW Publishing.


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