Friday, September 28, 2012

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Japan's sizzling hot summer is finally over, and we're now enjoying the breezy days and cool evenings of autumn here at our Tokyo campus. The leaves of the trees have begun to turn a brilliant reddish-orange, and soon they will fall to the ground.

The word for "autumn" in Japanese is pronounced "aki." One of Tokyo's most popular tourist destinations is Akihabara, which is often shortened to "Akiba." Akiba is the name of a Buddhist god who protects us from fire. It's probably more than a coincidence that the color of fire is also the color of autumn leaves!

If you're a fan of manga and anime, you probably have had this thought at least once: "I wonder if I can learn Japanese?"

And why wouldn't you? Japanese comics and cartoons have taken the world by storm, and you want to learn everything you can about the language and culture of the cool place they come from.

Wouldn't it be great if there were a manga to teach you Japanese? Well, there is — it's called Kanji de Manga!

Kanji de Manga is an award-winning Manga University series created to make learning how to read and write Japanese as fun and easy as picking up your favorite comic. We start you out with Kana de Manga, which uses cute and easy-to-understand manga illustrations to teach you hiragana and katakana, the "ABCs of Japanese." The book also introduces you to loads of helpful vocabulary, and there are plenty of workbook-style pages on which you can practice your new character repertoire.

After you've mastered kana you're ready to take on the meat of the Japanese writing system: kanji. You may have heard that kanji are tough to learn, but with Kanji de Manga you'll learn new words and characters by reading cute and funny Japanese manga. That's right; after mastering the basics in Kana de Manga you can start reading authentic manga written entirely in Japanese in Kanji de Manga!

Manga University is here to help you learn everything you've always wanted to know about Japan. This autumn, let's study kanji together!

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